Revivification: Carmen Sandiego

One of my favorite games is the Professor Layton series on the Nintendo DS. It’s a story based puzzle game where puzzles are an integral part of the imagined game world. This is one of the few games where I can point to it as a fun, educational game. This style of game is still…

Movies I Have Seen: The Hunger Games

Now, I need to preface this with a statement I have made clear in the past. I did not like the first novel. In fact, I only enjoyed the second book, and then only the second half. However, I was excited because I firmly believed that the books would translate better on the big screen….

God of War, Mass Effect, and the Definitive Ending of a Trilogy

If you are remaining ignorant of Mass Effect 3, you should not read this. First, let me begin with a quote from the Mass Effect 3 lead writer, Mac Walters, “Mass Effect 3 marks the final chapter in Shepard’s story”. I first read that back in October of last year after, I think, a PAX…

Harry Potter Effect

I was prepping for a piece on Mass Effect 3 today. I was going to comment on the dialogue differences and the game play, but then I got into a conversation about the latest patch for SWTOR. You know, the game where BioWare took an existing property and set it in a different time frame…

Cost of Living and what it means to video games

Two things. First, go watch this: Cost of Living Now go read this: Film Critic Hulk – Short Films Ok, we got that out of the way. At this point you are thinking, “You obviously agree with Film Critic Hulk that this thing is great, but what does it have to do about video games….